Ritual: An Imprint of Time 

Each tea leaf journeys from its point of origin enlivened by a labor of love and a culmination of thousands of years of wisdom and craft unique to each community. This time, legacy and community  imprints and unravels in every cup of Jeni Dodd Tea. Carrying forward a powerful connection to history that allows you to cultivate a personalized ritual, opening the mind simultaneously to the past, present and future.

Cultivated through a deep-rootedness in history and tradition, Jeni Dodd personally sources all Jeni Dodd Tea directly from select points of origin. Her strong connection with the communities and her depth of experience result in a rare, authentic and dynamic selection of premium tea. This careful curation is motivated by a desire to share the highest quality product and connect people across the world.

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Discovery: A Revelation of Colors                                    

Jeni Dodd began her exploration of tea when for medical reasons she had to find ways to ease stress in her life. Over the years her explorations have allowed her to gain strong firsthand knowledge of the terroir, tea production and tea rituals. She has established strong long-standing relations with tea communities in Nepal, China, Japan and Taiwan.

Jeni’s ongoing journey and work with these communities is continuously inspired by a fascination of the magical camelia sinensis leaf and the distinctive character that manifests as tea.  For Jeni each leaf offers not only a revelation in taste but also in color. Her synesthetic senses allow for a perceptual phenomenon whereby she tastes in color. This unique way of discovering tea is central to Jeni Dodd Tea and its desire to elevate the aesthetic and sensory appreciation of tea so that it can be experienced similar to our perception of art.


Cultivate: Sowing Vibrant Experiences

Jeni Dodd’s extensive knowledge and experience coupled with her unique sensory perception have allowed her to create and lead various vibrant experiences across and between communities. She is a thoughtful leader, expert and enthusiast that offers her insight as a guest lecturer at several different events, including large tea expos and conferences. Currently she is a closely advising with Government Authorities in Nepal.

Jeni Dodd Tea in partnership with Horizon Bardu Valley Tea  continue to empower the local communities directly by setting up factories and supporting schools in the local community in Nepal.


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